Walking the Walls of Chester 90 times for his 90th Birthday

Canon John A Stanley, who is a splendid 89 years of age, contacted us recently to let us know about his mission to fundraise by walking the city walls of Chester.

"I shall be 90 next month and I have set myself the task of walking the Walls of Chester 90 times, finishing on my birthday, May 20th.

I will have done 80 by tomorrow so I am well within range of getting there!!
 I am hoping to raise some money and I plan to divide it three ways, part to Chester Cathedral, part to St Marks Saltney and the third part towards Vaccines for Uganda.

I am having some difficulty in find a route for that and at a retired clergy meeting you was mentioned as a possible way of doing this. My inquiry is to ask if you can."

Mildmay Uganda is very much involved in the national COVID-19 Vaccination rollout and so we were very pleased to inform the Reverend Stanley that we can assist him in getting his donation to where it can be put to best use, as per his wishes.

If you would like to support John in his endeavour to walk around the walls of Chester 90 times in celebration of his 90th birthday, then you can do so by clicking on the button below. All proceeds will be divided equally between three charities (St Mark's, Chester Cathedral and Mildmay Uganda - providing children with vaccinations).

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