We welcome your visitors to the hospital and know how important their visits are to you. However, everyone in hospital needs rest to help them recover.

At Mildmay we like to maintain an ‘open door’ policy for visitors during the day as long as it does not affect patient care. We would also advise your visitors to call the ward prior to visiting to check that you will not be engaged with appointments. Any appointments and sessions booked with the therapists take precedence over visitors to the ward. We also ask that visitors leave the premises by 10:00pm as most patients will be going to bed by this time.

Please note that we operate a protected a protected mealtime system during the day for breakfast and lunch.  Any visitors will be asked to leave the ward for the duration of the mealtime, meal

Relatives calling the wards

You can expect the phone to be answered within 5 rings and for the person answering to introduce themselves. If they forget please do ask, and if it is longer than 5 rings, I do apologise but staff may be busy with patients. The ward telephones do have a voicemail facility, so it is possible to leave a message should your call be initially unanswered. To protect our patients’ confidentiality we are not able to give out any information on the phone. However, we can make special arrangements with you if you give permission for us to speak to your next of kin. The wards are called Catherine Ward and William Ward  telephone numbers are:

William Ward: 0207 613 6300/ 6301/6401

Catherine Ward: 0207 613 6302/6303/6304

times are given below.

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