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We're a charity providing specialist services to the NHS, not an NHS or private hospital

Running any hospital is hugely expensive. We get about 80% of our funding from NHS contracts. As a charity, we depend on your help to raise the remaining 20%.

We don't make a profit and all your donations are invested in our services and facilities.

Projects in development

Your donation can help to secure the future of our UK hospital and maintain our excellent services and facilities for our patients

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We need your help to purchase PPE during the COVID-19 pandemic

As you may have seen on the news, hospitals are getting through huge quantities of PPE (personal protective equipment) every day. The cost of PPE is a huge expense for Mildmay Hospital, and not one we could (of course) foresee

Despite the generosity of so many people who have been donating PPE, whether purchased or home made, we are still needing to buy significantly more that before the COVID-19 pandemic.

Added to this are scrubs, visors and antiviral cleaning gel and wipes. We are able to wash and reuse scrubs and are very grateful for the donations that our helping to supplement our requirements.

This vastly increased usage will continue until the pandemic is thoroughly defeated and every recovering patient has finally gone home safely, but this is in all likelihood, still months away.

Our Clinical Lead Nurse modelling donated, handmade scrubs

This is roughly how much PPE we are getting through every month.

Masks (3-ply)
Masks FFP3

In February 2020, we spent £800 on PPE. Since then, the bill has been over £10,000 a month!

Please give what you can to help us cover this unplanned cost for our charity.

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Whether it’s a one-off or a monthly gift, whatever amount you can afford will help

Our target is £20,000

Target £20,000

So far, you have generously donated nearly £7,000, and counting...

Despite being at risk of closure and our ongoing #SaveMildmay Campaign, we continue to care for sick and vulnerable people as we have done for over 150 years.

"Every hospital bed in the UK needs to be utilised during this unprecedented national crisis."

Chris Hopson, Chief Executive of NHS Providers

*Historically, Mildmay has hired mattresses and beds and has paid separately for regular infection control, deep cleaning and sterilisation.

**For the time being, above and beyond an initial 4 mattresses, we'll continue to hire additional  mattresses as they are needed. The purchase outlay, even with generous supplier discounts, is still considerable. If we receive sufficient funding, we'll be able to buy more than the 4 beds we initially planned.

Funding for new hospital beds and electronic pressure relieving mattresses

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Mildmay is admitting HIV patients, step-down homeless patients (including some from either group recovering from COVID-19) to ease the burden on acute NHS hospitals.

We are nearly at full capacity, and need to purchase additional beds and specialised, pressure-relieving mattresses.

We currently have 26 individual patient rooms but we need to increase our bed numbers so we can continue to admit the vulnerable and sick patients most in need of our specialist care, as well as replace our few remaining older, manual beds.

We had been planning to amend our procurement plan in 2020 to purchase this equipment - in particular, the hospital beds, rather than hire replacement patient beds and mattresses.

This is something that we need to do quite regularly, of course, as older equipment wears out*

Thanks to the discounts we have been able to negotiate with our suppliers, purchasing new hospital beds makes more sense than annual hire and maintenance costs.

The COVID-19 National Emergency has overtaken our plans!

In addition to the minimum of 4 beds and specialist mattresses we would like to purchase with your help, we been compelled to procure 4 new beds from our own limited resources to replace old beds that had to be replaced urgently, due to the influx of patients resulting from the pandemic's impact on NHS hospitals. We took delivery of these beds at the end of June 2020. 

Budget table



List price per unit

Discounted unit price


Hill-Rom 900 bed





Clin-Activ mattress







Total cost


We're glad to be playing our part to help relieve NHS acute hospitals

Hill-Rom 900 electronic hospital bed

Hill-Rom electronic pressure relieving mattress

Mildmay has the potential to become a world-class centre of excellence in homeless health care and a training hub for other step-down services in London.

Funding for Mildmay Hospital's 2020 Homeless Pathway

Mildmay is the first specialist unit aiming to provide pioneering step-down care* for the homeless population of London and the surrounding regions

Why Mildmay is developing the Homeless Pathway?

Most charitable work around rough-sleeping and homelessness centres on social welfare, so a step-down service from acute hospital care for respite, recovery and palliative care urgently needed.

This is where Mildmay comes in.

We have the capacity to provide dedicated inpatient and outpatient care, addressing a huge unmet need for specialised medical care following a referral by other physicians.

People experiencing homelessness are among the most vulnerable and isolated in our society, with the worst health outcomes


Mildmay's aims:
  • No rough-sleepers die on the street
  • No one is discharged from a hospital to the street
  • There is equal and fair access to healthcare for those who are homeless
  • There is a substantial cost-saving to the NHS


Help us secure the future of our UK hospital in developing this new pathway, so we can ensure equal and fair access to healthcare for those who are homeless

Whether it’s a one-off or a monthly gift, whatever amount you can afford will help

*Step -down care is a term used primarily in the UK for supportive and rehabilitative healthcare given to a patient recuperating from an illness or intervention, who is regaining the ability to function independently.

Mildmay is recruiting a Housing Officer for the new Homeless Pathway to improve the quality of care for homeless hospital patients.

Their salary will be funded through fundraising and donations.

Details will be added once the role has been recruited and the salary agreed

Annual funding for our Inpatient Unit

Mildmay is the only UK hospital which provides specialist care for people suffering from HIV-related illnesses and we maintain a pool of expertise and knowledge that is unsurpassed in Europe.

Mildmay Hospital utilises a large multi-disciplinary team (MDT) to provide structured pathways of rehabilitation and care for patients with complex HIV and HAND (HIV-related neurological disorders)

People with a late diagnosis are much more likely to develop severe health conditions. This includes HIV associated neurocognitive disorders, which can present with symptoms similar to severe dementia.

The average age of people accessing our service is 52, but we are seeing an increasingly ageing HIV population in their 60s and 70s.

A report published in January 2017 by the Terrence Higgins Trust highlighted significant challenges for the first generation in the UK to be growing old with HIV.

They have, on average, three times as many long-term health conditions compared with the general population.

Many people ageing with HIV report that they struggle to remember to take their medication and almost 80% are concerned about how brain impairment and memory problems might impact their ability to manage multiple health conditions and to live well in the long term.

In 2018, an estimated 103,800 people were living with HIV in the UK

There is an increasing number of people living with complex and debilitating HIV-related conditions.

Your donation will transform lives

Last year, running our Inpatient Unit cost £2.6m

Every year, we need to raise £250,000 from charitable donations to support Inpatient Services.

In the light of Department of Health & Social Care guidelines on social distancing in relation to the COVID-19 outbreak, Mildmay's Day Therapy service has been suspended and is unlikely to start up again for some time.
We are exploring alternatives to the traditional Day Therapy model.

Annual Funding for our Day Therapy Service

Our Day Therapy Service aims to provide positive opportunities to promote independence, build confidence and strengthen abilities

Just as vital as the specialised inpatient care we provide is our Day Therapy service that strengthens basic abilities and functionality and supports well-being in order to reduce the risk of acute hospital admissions for people with HIV and related disorders.

This therapeutic work leads to an improved ability to use community services and through regular participation; it should lead to better health self-management and outcomes.

There is no one else offering this specialist service anywhere in Europe.

We draw on our many years of experience to address the challenges that many people living with HIV and HAND have experienced.

In addition to physical benefits, research supports the value of activity in promoting positive cognitive outcomes. Participating in activities with others is an opportunity for social engagement and peer socialisation.

Day Therapy Services significantly contributes to one of Mildmay’s primary overall aims, which is to reduce acute hospital admissions for the HIV community and encourage greater self-management and integration back into society.

We successfully discharge the majority of our patients to return home

Last year, Day Therapy services cost £339,292

Every year, we need to raise £80,000 from charitable donations to support Day Therapy

Day Therapy Services annual budget

Staff costs

Project costs (equipment / fees / licences etc.)

Related expenses (travel, external activities etc.)

Facilities costs (20% of hospital running costs)

Sub Total

Annual inflationary adjustment (5%)










Whether it’s a one-off or a monthly gift, whatever amount you can afford will help.

Last year we rehabilitated patients from more than half of the 32 London boroughs and from health authorities throughout the UK.

Completed projects

Digital Skills and Inclusion Suite

Mildmay works with thousands of children, young people, women and men providing HIV clinical services and education.

Your donation will help us to develop the services and facilities our patients in the UK need.

Registered Charity no: 292058

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