This Is For You, If You Donate By Standing Order

We wanted to give a huge thank you to our amazing donors who have set up standing orders in order to help Mildmay by donating regularly each month.

Collectively, your donations amount to tens of thousands of pounds over the course of every year and this support is invaluable in helping to fund our work both overseas and also in our UK hospital.

I am writing this impromptu post as I am in the middle of doing our monthly financial reconciliation and it occurred to me that I see the same donors names every month, and I think of their wonderful generosity and commitment to supporting Mildmay.

But of course, the same is exactly true for donors who give by Direct Debit, Give-As-You-Earn, credit card, and all the many ways a donation can be made to Mildmay.

We thank you all because, as a charity, we are entirely dependant on you to keep going and supporting people with HIV.

Photo by Jim Schuman

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