The Great and Official 2021 Jollof-off

It was decreed that Thursday 22nd of April at 12:30 was the official Mildmay Jollof-Off.  

A clash between the respective cuisines of Ghana and Nigeria, the two representatives of these noble countries being Patricia vs Minjiba. In fact, there were many others who contributed salads and accompaniments to the two dishes in the competition.

Jollof, or jollof rice, is a rice dish popular in West and Sub-Saharan Africa. It's typically made with long-grain rice, tomatoes, onions, spices, vegetables and meat in a single pot, although its ingredients and preparation methods vary across different regions.

According to Wikipedia, "due to the differences in regional recipes, the various regions where jollof rice is common are competitive over which variant tastes the best. This is especially prominent between Nigeria and Ghana and these differences have brought about the "Jollof Wars" between the two countries.

And so it played out (in a socially distanced fashion) at Mildmay yesterday.

Joanna Keating, Lead Physiotherapist, took on the mantle of Chair of the Official Mildmay Jollof Committee. After both dishes were comprehensively sampled by our staff, Jo announced that, "on behalf of the Jollof Committee, that all the Jollof was superb and the final result, after careful discussion and consideration, is:

Nigeria and Ghana have both won the Mildmay Great Jollof-Off of 2021. 

Congratulations to both Patricia and Minjiba on a great and equable result.

A member of the sampling cohort, CEO Geoff Coleman

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