Team Building

We know that teamwork is key to good business. That’s why we’ve put together a selection of corporate challenges that can only be achieved by working together. Our team building events build employee confidence, enhance team-working skills and develop sales and marketing abilities. Not only that, but at the end of the day your team can be certain that their hard work has helped us to continue our vital work; transforming the lives of people living with HIV. Team building opportunities include:

The Apprentice Challenge


By participating in The Apprentice Challenge your employees can work together to develop key skills including: time management, creativity, budgeting, team building and many more! Different teams from different disciplines within the organisation can come together to take on this exciting challenge. The aim is for each team to use a £100 budget to make as much money as possible for Mildmay Hospital. Each team will have around 8-10 members to work on their business plan. It is the team’s choice to decide how they can make the biggest return on their £100 budget. The profit will benefit Mildmay Hospital and support their vital work; transforming the lives of people living with HIV.

Dragon Boat Racing


Mildmay can organise the ultimate dragon boating experience for your company. It is the perfect team building activity and groups from as little as 24 up to as many as 500 people can take part. The event involves teams of sixteen people paddling side by side in a forty foot long boat. We can organise up to 6 boats providing not just great fun for the participants but a superb display for the spectators. This ancient and fascinating sport requires no previous experience and caters for all ages and abilities. Above all it’s exciting, motivating, social, fun and competitive. The racing will consist  of two heats per team, racing up to three boats at a time. The fastest teams will then go through to a head to head final and qualification is based on your fastest, not your average time. Once the competition is complete there will be a short presentation to announce the winners then everyone can relax and enjoy a barbeque.


viivCollections are a great way to raise awareness and vital funds for Mildmay Hospital. Collections may be held at stations, on the street or at markets. There is a lot of planning involved; from obtaining licenses to coordinating the collectors. Mildmay would take this on and provide your company with everything they need on the day, such as red ribbons, collection buckets and branded T-Shirts. This is a great and light-hearted event as teams compete to raise the biggest amount for Mildmay. The winners will be announced at the end of the day and certificates and medals will be awarded.

Please contact us on 0207 613 6318 to explore team building ideas.

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