Scrub Hub East London donates more scrubs to Mildmay

In April, we were donated 10 pairs of beautiful, handmade scrubs, thanks to the generosity of a group of local seamstresses making scrubs at home for the NHS and others – Scrub Hub East London.

Today, we received another batch of scrubs. As a charity, we could not otherwise afford all the PPE we need so we thank them for providing this essential gear. 

We are incredibly grateful for this ongoing support because, even when we are able to locate an available supply of PPE, the cost of it is currently higher than anyone has ever known. Before the pandemic, our monthly bill for PPE was about £800 a month. Now, it is more like £10,000 a month!

Please donate whatever you can to help Mildmay Hospital pay for PPE and all the other things we need to maintain the facilities and services for all our patients.

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