RVT Blankety Blank Fundraiser Raises over £1,500 for Mildmay HIV Hospital


Blankety Blank – organised by the splendid Royal Vauxhall Tavern, was an absolutely fantastic night of fundraising fun held to benefit Mildmay Hospital.


Kerry Reeves-Kneip, Mildmay’s Fundraising Director attended the event and said –

A huge thanks go to The RVT, Jason Reid and to Bette Rinse who hosted the evening and of course to the incredible array of brilliant artists who Blanked like there was no Blank! It was bold, it was bonkers, it was hilarious, it was sparkly!…and best of all it raised £1,592.90 for Mildmay Hospital in East London.”

Art work created by Boy George

Art work created by Boy George

There were also some incredible items up for auction thanks to the generosity of stars including Boy George, Sir Ian McKellen, Jimmy Somerville and Julie Goodyear. Boy George created and donated a beautiful piece of artwork which was auctioned on eBay after the event and raised just over £700! Joining game show host Bette Rinse on stage were Son of a Tutu, Lenard Pink, Miss Hope Springs, Fagulous, Stevie Nice and Tracy Barlow plus Stephanie Von Clitz and Carmen Dioxide.

Jason Reid, is a great supporter of Mildmay. You can read his story   here.

After the event Mildmay had another surprise “Just when we thought it was all over” says Kerry Reeves-Kneip “ What should drop through Mildmay’s letter box but Dame Shirley Bassey’s handbag, signed by the lady herself! We couldn’t quite believe it” This late arrival for the auction will be coming to an eBay site near you soon! The lovely Paul O’Grady, who knows all about Blankety Blank, sent over a signed copy of his book to be auctioned at a future date.

All in all a marvellous evening supported so brilliantly by all who came along to the event…..so once again, a really big thank you to the RVT and all who sail in her!

At the RVT for Blankety Blank

At the RVT for Blankety Blank


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