Our services

Many of our patients return to independent living within the community on discharge from Mildmay.

Mildmay Hospital aims to provide positive opportunities to promote independence, build confidence and strengthen abilities

We offer inpatient and day care for adults with physical, cognitive and psychosocial difficulties associated with living with HIV.

We have a dedicated multi-disciplinary service consisting of medical staff, rehabilitation and mental health nurses, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, clinical psychology, speech therapy, dietetics and social work.

Your overall management and treatment plan is overseen by the consultant HIV physician in partnership with a consultant psychiatrist.


All information provided by users of our services is confidential and is not shared with anyone else outside the service without permission.

We are required to provide data to our commissioners for monitoring and funding purposes. However, this information is anonymous and cannot be traced back to any individual.

Government & NHS guidelines for visitors during the COVID-19 pandemic 

For the latest guidance for visitors, please refer to our UK hospital website
Please note that this procedure will be reviewed regularly and may change from time to time in line with the latest Government and NHS guidelines

You can also call our Reception for the latest available information : 020 7613 6300

Patients diagnosed COVID-19 positive cannot receive visitors

Registered Charity no: 292058

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