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Mildmay is London’s only specialist HIV hospital and has been at the forefront of HIV care and service provision since 1988, continuing to adapt and respond to meet new, often complex, and rapidly changing needs.

We provide structured pathways of rehabilitation, treatment, services and care for people with complex and severe HIV-related health conditions, including HIV-associated brain impairment (also known as HIV-Associated Neurocognitive Disorder, or HAND).

We maintain a pool of expertise and knowledge that is unsurpassed in Europe.

Mildmay Mission Hospital is located in East London.

Our multi-disciplinary approach means that the majority of our patients return to independent living on discharge from Mildmay

Statistics on late HIV diagnosis in the UK

In 2018 an estimated 103,800 people were living with HIV in the UK

93% of these people are diagnosed, and therefore know that they have HIV, but around 1 in 14 people living with HIV in the UK do not know that they have the virus and are at risk of passing HIV on to others.

People with a late diagnosis are much more likely to develop severe health conditions. This includes HIV associated neurocognitive disorders, which can present with symptoms similar to severe dementia.

As people are now living longer with HIV, the number of people with an HIV diagnosis who are aged 50 and over has seen an increase in recent years. Two in five people accessing HIV care in 2018 were aged 50 or over. 

2020 Homeless Pathway

Mildmay Hospital is London's primary facility for homeless COVID-19 patients that do not require intensive care.

Mildmay is now admitting step-down homeless patients, delivering quality care and treatment to a vulnerable group that is in desperate need.

This new work is in addition to our important ongoing work with HIV

In response to the COVID-19 epidemic, the staff of Mildmay are pleased that they can play their part in helping to ease the burden on NHS Hospitals

Inpatient Unit

Patients arrive at Mildmay in need of 24-hour care, with some being unable to walk or talk when first admitted.

Mildmay provides a range of therapies and medical care combined with medication and rehabilitation, which means that 85 per cent of patients return to independent living in the community upon discharge from Mildmay.

Patients from all over the country are referred to the hospital and for many their lives are transformed beyond recognition.

Day Therapy Service


We are sorry to report that in the light of Department of Health & Social Care guidelines on social distancing in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic, Mildmay's Day Therapy service has had to be suspended until further notice.

In addition to Mildmay’s inpatient services, we offer Day Therapy services to help people  maintain their health and independence, building life skills and confidence.

People attending Day Therapy activities may participate in music, Art Therapy and Horticultural therapy. We also offer computer skills and online cognitive programmes, Healthy Living and Expert Patient groups and access to the physiotherapy gym.

Our staff team is well supported by a team of trained volunteers, many of whom run activities on the ward or act as patient befrienders.

Prince Harry’s visit to Mildmay

HRH Prince Harry’s visit to Mildmay at the end of 2015 marked the official opening of our brand new, purpose built hospital which replaced earlier buildings. 

Harry also visited Mildmay to be interviewed for the excellent BBC One documentary The Truth About HIV which aired in 2017.

Mildmay’s origins stretch back to the mid-1860s and the work carried out by The Reverend William Pennefather, a vicar at St Judes, and his wife Catherine.

Do you or someone you know, have a story of a Mildmay experience (from any era) that you would like to share?

We are collecting your stories to share online and add to our archive.

Mildmay is part-funded by the NHS for providing services, meaning that charitable contributions and donations are essential for maintaining, enhancing and developing our services.

This comes from charitable giving by donors, via legacies, church support, through company giving and from grants from charitable trusts and foundations.

Like most hospital settings, we offer chaplaincy services and our chaplains are from a number of faith backgrounds including Catholic, Anglican, Methodist and Muslim.

Our chaplains - most of whom are volunteers, endeavour to ensure that spiritual, pastoral and religious care is on offer to all those who want it

Mildmay Mission Hospital is a charitable company (Registered Charity 292058, Company Number 1921087).

Our services are regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC provider number 1-2151037387). Mildmay has been rated Outstanding by the CQC.

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