Day Care Services

Day services provide continued support and rehabilitation for patients once discharged from inpatient services as well as community based clients new to Mildmay.  A structured pathway of continued rehabilitation enables clients to fulfill and maintain their maximum potential within the community.  Day services work with both neurocognitively impaired  clients as well as those with complex physical needs, and develop packages of rehabilitation that are individually tailored to the person’s needs,

Our day services team develop goal plans which seek to maximize independence, promote skill acquisition and build confidence.  The programme can strengthen abilities and promote better maintenance of physical, psychological, cognitive and emotional well being within the community.  This can lead to improved ability to use and be part of community services and reduction in incidences of readmission to hospital due to non-adherence.

Day services offers flexibility for clients to ensure that their rehabilitation supports and enhances their daily living skills.  We also offer flexibility for purchasers and referrers enabling them to access full days or sessional work dependent on individual need.  All clients have three monthly reviews to check progress and ensure the continued suitability of the service.

Monday to Friday 10.00 –16.00 (except Tuesdays)


For more general enquiries email or call 020 7613 6347.


Where possible, Mildmay will utilise internal staff to translate. Otherwise Mildmay will use Hackney Translation Services. Extra interpreting costs will be met by commissions referring CNS/community matrons or gatekeepers or their PCTs by being charged to the contract.

Gatekeepers will be responsible for assessing need and informing Mildmay prior to admission of any patients requiring interpreting services. CNS/community matrons and Mildmay business and admission support staff will confirm prior to admission if interpreting will be required and agree funding.

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