Our chaplains are there to offer a listening ‘ear’ in all circumstances including end-of-life care

Lead Chaplain, Sister Bernie Devine, has written a moving letter to our Chaplaincy friends and colleagues who have sadly, and for several reasons, come to the end of their service at our hospital. Read it here.


Our chaplains endeavour to ensure that spiritual, pastoral and religious care is on offer to all those who want it

Like most hospital settings, we offer chaplaincy services and our chaplains are from a number of faith backgrounds including Catholic, Anglican, Methodist and Muslim.

Mildmay chaplains are part of our interdisciplinary team, ensuring spiritual, pastoral and religious care is available to all those who want it.

Our multi-faith approach aims to support all aspects of people’s spiritual needs. Our approach is distinctly inclusive and respects all. We successfully work with people of other faiths or no faith.

All our services are patient-centred and take into consideration their cultural, social and religious backgrounds.

Those we have cared for over the years have described how this faith has lent an extra dimension to our care, and it remains central to who we are as a charity.

Prayer Diary

About twice a year, we produce the Mildmay Prayer Diary. This has information and news on projects, causes and our upcoming events that are in need of your prayer support.

We can let you have copies for your church as well, so if you would like to be sent our next prayer diary, please let us know by email.

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