Our Services

Our interdisciplinary team


The team is led by a world renowned consultant who is actively involved with the care of patients.


Advanced initial assessment is carried out to identify patient’s neurological, musculoskeletal, respiratory, mobility, exercise tolerance limitations and needs around functional activities essential for daily living. These assessments feed into an individual’s patient centred and long-term goals, and are reviewed weekly, helping patients to build up an optimistic approach to rehabilitation at Mildmay.

Dietician services

A Mildmay dietician assesses the needs of each patient and devises a plan based on that assessment. This can include advice, nutritional supplements and artificial feeding where necessary. Our dietician will also have input into Mildmay’s catering policy, ensuring adequate and appropriate meal provision and content for all patients.

Speech and language therapy

Mildmay offers a highly specialist speech and language therapy service to hospital inpatients for assessment and rehabilitation of acquired disorders of speech,communication and swallowing.

Occupational therapy

Mildmay’s occupational therapy team provides a programme of assessment and +interventions considering physical, psychological and cognitive impairments. This includes cognitive performance rehabilitation, ward based occupational therapy, provision of assistive equipment and home assessment visits.

Psychological therapies

The Mildmay provides a highly specialist neuropsychological assessment around HIV associated cognitive difficulties. We also provide assessment and interventions for referred problems including depression, anxiety, risk behaviour, bereavement and non-adherence to medication, available to the individual as well as their carers and family. Therapy approaches include cognitive behavioural therapy, systemic approaches and interpersonal therapy.

Social care

An assessment of needs is carried out for all patients on admission. We then provide practical and emotional support around issues such as personal finances and housing, and ensure the patient has all the necessary referrals for their future care needs on discharge.


The psychiatric service provided at Mildmay is a liaison psychiatric service that is an integral part of the medical team. It is led by a consultant liaison psychiatrist with expertise in the psychiatric problems of people living with complex HIV conditions.


The Mildmay provides one-to-one counselling around a variety of issues including health, family, diagnosis, relationships and end of life issues. Counsellors will also liaise with family members on future care needs if the patient is returning home, as well as addressing possible issues including changes in relationships or circumstances ,financial and emotional support, HIV testing of family and end of life arrangements.

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