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Empowering communities to effectively respond to HIV and other priority health issues.


Mildmay Uganda – taken from Mildmay’s impact Report 2017

We are proud that our sister organisation, Mildmay Uganda is now an independent charity with its own board.

With cost-effective, high-impact health interventions, Mildmay Uganda equips communities to meet the national health challenges posed by HIV. In 2017, our interventions reached nearly 4.5m people, of which 2.5m are children and adolescents. Our programmes include healthcare training and education, maternity and motherhood services, TB tracking and treatment, and support for orphans, vulnerable children and young women and adolescent girls.

We want to do more, and we were honoured when the President of Uganda launched our 30-year Master Plan this year. This paves the way to developing the Mildmay Institute for Health Studies and a not-for-profit, teaching hospital. Ultimately, we want to see this grow into a fully-fledged medical university.

Launch of 30-year Master Plan

Barbra Mukasa, Mildmay Uganda’s executive director, said  “Mildmay Uganda now gives HIV care to over 100,000 clients (13 per cent of the total number of clients on antiretroviral drugs in the country). Of these, 7,000 are children, we need a teaching hospital to help get more doctors and nurses.” 

2017 highlights include …

  • 8,831 estimated new HIV infections averted – 17% of the average nationally and an increase of 661 lives saved through Mildmay’s interventions last year

  • 89,000 people living with HIV supported on life-saving drugs

  • 634,134 people tested for HIV, who received results

  • Lives changed for 32,463 young women and adolescent girls enrolled on DREAMS programme

  • 1,101 community health extension workers impacting communities in eight districts

  • 6m free condoms distributed and 85,348 people reached with oral or injectable contraceptives

Training healthcare professionals

The Mildmay Institute of Health Sciences provides high-quality, accredited training for nursing and midwifery, clinical officers and lab technicians. This year, the Institute ran 12 academic programmes, with …

  • 201 new students

  • 410 continuing students

  • 1,015 short courses

  • 1,373 placement days for students

Empowering young women

DREAMS – standing for Determined, Resilient, Empowered, AIDS-free, Mentored and Safe – offers young, vulnerable women training and support to keep HIV-free, especially those trapped in transactional sex. Through this public-private partnership, we work with young women to address risks such as poverty, gender inequality, sexual violence and lack of education. Training in vocational skills and maintaining their health and wellbeing equips and empowers them to stay HIV-free. Victoria, who was introduced to transactional sex at 15 years to meet her and her family’s basic needs, says enrolling on DREAMS ‘was a turning point in my life – I felt God had given me a second chance. My dream is to become a lawyer and DREAMS has helped me build self-confidence and become a voice for fellow young girls and their rights.’

The Mildmay difference: training transformed my work 

Since studying at the Mildmay School of Medical Laboratory Technology, I’ve become a role model at my workplace,’ says Christine Alupo. ‘The skills I attained have improved my performance and confidence at work and enhanced my interpretation of health-related issues.’

In Uganda, 1.4m people are living with HIV. This year saw 52,000 people newly infected with HIV and 28,000 AIDS-related deaths. UNAIDS 2016

Press coverage from launch of Mildmay Uganda’s 30 year plan

Mildmay Registered Charity no: 292058

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