Our Estates and Facilities team – who are they and what do they do?

Allow us to introduce you to our Estates and Facilities Team. From the left, Alastair (the Chief), George, who is also our IT Education Facilitator, and our newest team member, Dmitri, who has very quickly proved himself invaluable to the smooth running of the Hospital.

The Estates and Facilities Team are concerned with the places where care is delivered, both the buildings themselves and the systems that keep them running: property management, capital projects, engineering and maintenance, environmental sustainability, safety and security. In addition, Alastair manages our catering and cleaning teams.

Current projects include:

  • Ensuring COVID-19 compliance for the Hospital building and everyone in it
  • Maintaining and updating the Hospital's computer, networking, fire, alarm and other technical infrastructure to maximise safety and productivity, and reduce costs wherever possible
  • Development of a new conservatory extension made possible by a generous donation from the Ernest Hecht Charitable Foundation
  • Recruitment of additional Estates staff as required
  • Anything and everything required to keep our patient, visitors, staff and volunteers safe and comfortable. Without them, Mildmay Hospital simply could not function.

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