Our clothing package arrives in Kenya

Here are some of our fantastic colleagues from Mildmay Kenya modelling some Mildmay-branded apparel.

We were clearing out the stores at Mildmay recently and discovered piles of Mildmay-branded T-shirts, bags and other paraphernalia that were produced for events we have organised over the years.

We don't need nearly as much as we had in storage, and rather than taking up valuable space, someone suggested that we could send them to our colleagues in Kenya to wear and distribute as they thought best. We asked the Kenya Team if they wanted them and they said yes, they could definitely use them.

A friend of our Volunteer Manager generously organised and paid for the shipping to Nairobi and then on to Mildmay Kenya's base in Kisumu, where the package recently arrived.

Our Kenyan Director, Elizabeth, sent us some photos of the team and we are really pleased that this clothing could be put to good use. The young people and families in the rural areas that Mildmay Kenya works in will definitely see them coming now! There is enough left over to share with anybody who wants or needs some new clothing. A simple thing but actually really useful. Thanks to the friend of Mildmay who got the package to Africa, and thanks as always to our wonderful Kenyan colleagues for all that they do.

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