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Mildmay restores total independence to a majority of our UK patients thanks to our unique rehabilitation programmes.

Where your money goes

The money you so generously donate is used to deliver quality care and treatment, prevention work, rehabilitation training, education and health strengthening in the UK and East Africa

UK hospital projects

You can help Mildmay secure the future of our UK hospital and maintain  excellent services and facilities for our patients.

Mildmay provides palliative care, antiretroviral medication, rehabilitation and a holistic model of medical care for people with complex HIV associated health conditions, including HIV associated brain impairment.

Running any hospital is hugely expensive. As a charity, Mildmay receives about 80 per cent of our funding from NHS contracts. It costs more than £3.5 million a year to keep Mildmay open (depending on our mix of patients).

Oversea projects

Your donations support our work in East Africa working with thousands of children, young people, women and men with HIV clinical services and education.

Mildmay aims to improve healthcare services in partnership with government, hospital, clinics and projects.

We offer training and education at all levels-from senior government officials to prison wardens, community healthcare workers to drug rehabilitation teams.

Income and expenditure

We work hard to make your donations cost-effective. Last year, 100% of every £1 donated to Mildmay went directly to transforming people’s lives

Incoming resources 2018-19

Donations, grants & gifts




NHS contract income


International contract income


Investment & interest income


Other income


Total Incoming Resources


Resources expended 2018-19

Fundraising & Publicity


UK residential healthcare


UK adult day therapy services


International Alliance Support


The Mildmay Centre, Uganda


Training & Consultancy, Kenya


Total Resources Expended


It costs more than £3.5 million a year to keep Mildmay open (depending on our mix of patients). We hope to raise upwards of 20% of that amount from charitable donations every year to improve our services and facilities.

Mildmay Mission Hospital is a charitable company (Registered Charity 292058, Company Number 1921087) and our services are regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC provider number 1-2151037387). Mildmay has been rated Outstanding by the CQC.

Registered charity no. 292058

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