Our Chaplaincy page and blog have moved to our UK Hospital website

Mildmay is charity that runs a hospital in the UK and also works to support thousands of people living with HIV overseas.

Why now?

As we inch out from under the shadow of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are gradually refreshing our web presence, and this has included the launch of a new site just for our UK hospital.

We think it makes sense to separate out the large number of pages specifically related to the hospital and its services and give them a new place of their own.
Information about our charity and its work will stay on our current site and anything related to our UK hospital now has a brand new home.

Our charity site will in turn become more streamlined, with a renewed focus on our supporters, the wonderful donations they make that support our work both in the UK and overseas and all kinds of other related information.

Mildmay's Chaplaincy has a new home

Chaplaincy is a key part of the large multidisciplinary team that serves our UK hospital, our patients and our staff. With that in mind, we have moved the Chaplaincy page to the new site, where we think it will be easier to find and be more relevant. We have also moved the chaplaincy blog, and all future posts can be found here.

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