New visitor guidance: easing restrictions

In accordance with national guidance as Covid-19 restrictions are eased, Mildmay is currently in the process of reducing visiting restrictions.

For the latest guidance for visitors, please refer to our UK hospital website
Please note that this procedure will be reviewed regularly and may change from time to time in line with the latest Government and NHS guidelines

You can also call our Reception for the latest available information : 020 7613 6300

Visitors are once again permitted to visit patients on the ward, however, it is essential that this is managed safely. Visitors must remain with the patient they are visiting in their room at all times. The visits must be agreed upon with the nurse in charge prior to the event.

The nursing team reserve the right to refuse a visit, or to request that a visitor leaves if this becomes necessary. For example, if visitor numbers are too great in the ward area, or if visitors are disruptive and refuse to remain in a patient’s room.

Video calls such as WhatsApp or Zoom and other means of communication continue to be encouraged and the ward staff will help to facilitate this.

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