Mildmay’s Uganda Fund

This week, Mildmay UK formally launches the Uganda Fund.

Mildmay UK has provided annual funding for Elizabeth Ward in the paediatric care centre of Mildmay Hospital in Kampala for many years. This is the only facility in the region providing high-quality care to children with the most complex cases of HIV-associated health conditions.

Elizabeth Ward  treats over 500 children a year from under-privileged families who require specialist care. Children are admitted to Elizabeth Ward with conditions such as HIV, meningitis and malaria.

We need to raise about £20,000 a year in donations to ensure that Elizabeth Ward is fully supported.

The Uganda Fund makes it easier for our donors to ensure that their donations go precisely where they want them to, and it also helps us to allocate funding at the right time to the right project - so-called 'restricted funding'.

We have adopted a new donation system run by charity partner, the National Funding Scheme, to collect donations on our behalf.

This brings more flexibility to our fundraising and means we can bring new ways to donate online, such as 'Text to Donate'.

To find out more about Elizabeth Ward, click the image below to visit our Uganda section.

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