Mildmay at The Lord Mayors Show 2016

Mildmay was delighted to be a part of The Lord Mayors Show in 2016. Being a part of this iconic and major London event was a fantastic opportunity for us to mark our 150th year in 2016, raise our profile and in turn HIV awareness. 

Linda Robson ( Birds of a Feather/ lose Women) joined Mildmay staff and volunteers in the parade. Diversity Choir entertained the crowds with a fantastic medley of songs. This was the first year Mildmay has ever taken part in the Lord Mayors Show and the first time an HIV charity has ever taken part.

Linda Robson with our volunteer Colin


“What an incredible day it was, the atmosphere was electric and the rain did not dampen our spirits one bit! Linda did so much to help let people know about our work for people with HIV associated brain impairment, raise HIV awareness and in turn help to fight stigma. She was an absolute star and even travelled to the show by motorbike to make sure she was with us in plenty of time. There are no words to express not only how grateful we are to Linda but how impressed we were with her passion and dedication for our work.  Mildmay at The Lord Mayors Show was a day to remember!” Kerry Reeves-Kneip Fundraising Director Mildmay

 So why the big HAND’s?


Mildmay specialises in treating complex and severe health conditions related to HIV including HIV Associated Neurocognitive Disorder or HAND.

HAND is brain impairment caused by HIV entering and affecting the brain – a condition similar to severe dementia.

 Mildmay- Helping HAND Patients often arrive at Mildmay unable to walk or speak and are in need of 24-hour care. Mildmay’s combined therapeutic interventions, medical care and rehabilitation means that  80% of patents return to independent living on discharge from Mildmay.

 Our Day Services help rehabilitate people, improving their function and mobility and well-being. We also work to maintain the health and independence of patients helping to keep them living well and reducing the risk of hospital re-admission. For many people our services are literally a life-line.

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There are over 103,000 people living with HIV in the UK. Of these 17% are undiagnosed and unaware of their condition. People with a late and therefore untreated diagnosis have a much higher risk of developing complex health conditions including HIV associated brain impairment.

 Mildmay’s float in the Lord Mayors show has been made possible thanks to  a generous supporter.

Watch a BBC interview with Mildmay & Linda, taken from the live footage from the day:

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