Equality and Diversity



Mildmay was originally set up as a mission hospital in response to the cholera epidemic in 1860s London, and we are still a faith-based organisation (FBO) today.

Our current focus is around HIV and AIDS, having been one of the first British charities to respond to the escalating AIDS crisis back in 1988. We are renowned for the quality of our care, the wealth of experience we have gathered in more than 20 years, and for our pioneering approach.

Our Christian ethos

Our Christian faith is shown in reaching out and caring for to people in need. Those we have cared for over the years have described how this faith has lent an extra dimension to our care, and it remains central to who we are as a charity.

Our multi-faith approach

These days, our faith is refocused into a care model appropriate for today’s HIV and AIDS context. We believe the sick, the frightened and the vulnerable need a safe haven – one where they will be accepted, not judged and not preached at.

At our centres in the UK and Uganda, we offer strength in depth through an interdisciplinary team, which looks at all aspects of people’s needs, from medical and financial to spiritual. Like most hospital settings, we so offer chaplaincy services and our chaplains are from a number of faith backgrounds including Catholic, Anglican, Methodist and Muslim.

Our approach is distinctly inclusive and we successfully work with people of other faiths or no faith whom we respect, and who in turn respect us for our unconditional professionalism. All our services are patient-centred and take into consideration their cultural, social and religious backgrounds.


Mildmay is a member of CHAA, a network of Christian agencies, churches and individuals that pray and work together to serve and empower those affected by HIV and AIDS.


We are also a member of EU-CORD (European Union Christian Organisations in Relief and Development).

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