Education and the training of health professionals and many others in important positions is an essential pillar of Mildmay International’s cascading, systems strengthening approach to tackling the spread and effects of HIV and AIDS.Our own education programme includes a BSc Hons degree in ‘A Health Systems Approach to the Care and Management of HIV & AIDS’, and diplomas in ‘HIV and AIDS Care and Management’ and ‘Child Counselling’. We also run short courses for health professionals and other key groups such as church workers, prison officers and drug rehabilitation workers who need insight and skills to support those infected and affected by HIV and AIDS.Mildmay supports the development of HIV and AIDS education programmes within local education institutions too. In Kenya, we have helped establish local diploma programmes in eight of the country’s medical training colleges, and now at the Kilimanjaro Medical Training College in Tanzania we are working on a similar project. These courses are a very positive development with far reaching potential.

Reviews of Mildmay’s education programmes reveal that they challenge attitudes towards people living with HIV as well as enhancing skills and abilities.

Many of those touched by our training and education courses have been empowered to lead change to bring about improvements in the standards of HIV work within their workplaces, and have helped develop care provision to meet the needs of the rising numbers of people in need of treatment.

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