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Mildmay UK

  • Europe’s only specialist rehabilitation unit for people with HIV-related neurocognitive impairment (HNCI)
  • An interdisciplinary approach to complex HIV cases
  • Training programmes for medical professionals and other organisations

Download an information sheet about our UK work.

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Mildmay Uganda

  • HIV care and treatment services including prevention work, palliative care and antiretroviral therapy
  • Part of Mildmay’s HIV education programme
  • Specialist paediatric HIV care. Download an information sheet about our paediatric work in Uganda.
  • Satellite clinics and home-based care programmes taking our expertise to remote communities

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Mildmay Kenya

Download an information sheet about our work with HIV-positive healthworkers.

More on our Kenya programmes >


Mildmay Tanzania

Download an information sheet about our work with HIV-positive healthworkers.

More on our Tanzania programmes >


Mildmay Rwanda

  • Specialist paediatric care centre
  • Technical assistance for palliative care and paediatric HIV and AIDS care and treatment
  • Newly opened palliative care unit
  • Development of a national palliative care policy

More on our Rwanda programmes > 


Mildmay Zimbabwe

  • Focus on improving the lives of children infected and affected by HIV
  • Capacity building and strengthening community support networks
  • Influencing policies towards better care and support of children living with HIV

Download an information sheet about our work in Zimbabwe.

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Mildmay Eastern Europe

  • Training programmes in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Romania and Moldova since 2002
  • Specialist palliative care training programme for ministry of health workers
  • Training for staff in faith-based drug rehabilitation centres

More on our Eastern Europe programmes >



  • BSc Hons degree in ‘A Health Systems Approach to the Care and Management of HIV & AIDS’ accredited by University of Manchester
  • Diplomas in ‘HIV and AIDS Care and Management’ and Child Counselling
  • Short courses for health professionals and other key groups

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