Chaplaincy Update, November 2020

As the leaves tumble and turn to mush, the days grow shorter and the nights get longer, we the chaplains find ourselves in lockdown again and trying really hard not to think of it as ‘lockup’.

I read in the Observer at the weekend about 101 ways to liven up lockdown during this second phase. If my memory serves me right I think I do nine of them including knitting, sewing, painting, baking, zooming, phoning, autumnal gardening, playing the guitar and of course, keeping in touch with our beloved Mildmay and completing tasks in relation to my role there at Mildmay Mission Hospital.

Communication is something we pride ourselves on in our team of volunteers, but these times are calling for creative, never-before-tried-or-tested ways of keeping in touch, of offering support and of pastoral guidance. All suggestions gratefully received!

We take turns ‘Zooming’ morning prayer from our homes as most of our volunteers are chaplains of a certain vintage (including myself), with bags of enthusiasm, commitment and energy, in addition to being very obedient.

At present our chapel, which used to house numbers of clients and staff twice a day for Morning and Lunchtime Prayer is, for obvious reasons at present, out of action. The chapel floor, which is carpeted, is being changed for something which can be cleaned more readily during these pandemic times.

We cannot wait to have our prayer space up and running again for individual prayer and ‘distance’-gathering prayer, when permitted. Meanwhile, the key word is adapt, adapt, adapt.

We have had one very interested applicant who took note of the fact that there was a volunteer chaplain application form on the Chaplaincy page and we look forward to following up his kind offer once we return to base.

Finally, as November is the month we particularly remember those who have gone before us, let us do just that! We also gratefully acknowledge the wonderful work of the scientists who appear to have developed an effective vaccine to quell the coronavirus.

Thank you for reading our Chaplaincy page

Until next time,
Bernie and the Chaplaincy Team

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Top: Tunafish
Above: Zara Walker

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