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Alice’s HIV campaign – Changing hearts & minds.

“Stories need to be told, people need to be provided with the knowledge to enable them to feel and think differently about HIV/AIDs. I will spend what energy and time I have in helping with that.” Alice Lawrence is on a mission! Her campaign, driven by personal experience, passion and unstoppable energy, is to raise […]

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Big Lottery Grant, through Awards For All England is supporting Mildmay patient’s to return to independent lives

In 2017 we were fortunate enough to be awarded a grant from Awards For All England- part of The Big Lottery. Almost nine months on we are delighted to report that the new equipment this grant has enabled us to buy has already been of enormous benefit to our patients. The THERA Trainer Balo is […]

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Mildmay’s Art Therapy classes supported by Mary Kinross Charitable Trust enhances patient rehabilitation for people with complex HIV.

Mildmay are deeply grateful to the Mary Kinross Charitable Trust for supporting our in-house art therapy classes for the next three years. Our Art Therapy enhances our work rehabilitating patients back to independent living. Without the wonderful support of the Mary Kinross Charitable Trust, we would not have been able to deliver such a comprehensive […]

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