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Return of the… Chaplains

The Return of the Jedi (Chaplains)On entering our building after my third bout of lockdown, I was highly amused when I saw this picture, ‘The Return of The Jedi’,  posted by management in the cabinet of photos in the Mildmay Hospital Reception area. I did read that “Darth Vader was brought back from the dark […]

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Spring comes to Mildmay

Our Chaplain, Sister Bernie, after going to the garden centre this morning, has been out in the Mildmay garden today, tidying and planting the borders, ably assisted by one of her fantastic volunteers, Patrick.The aim is to provide patients, staff and visitors with attractive green space to relax, get fresh air and speed up recovery […]

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Holy Week and the Easter Triduum

The Easter Triduum holds a special place in the Church’s Calendar, proclaiming again the passion, death and resurrection of Christ on Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday.Maundy Thursday: A Lesson about LoveThis Maundy Thursday, as we commemorate the Last Supper of our Lord, the Washing of the Disciples’ Feet and the gift of the […]

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Palm Sunday - Israel

Palm Sunday and Holy Week 2021

On this last Sunday of Lent, we hear two messages: the first is the joyous procession of Jesus into Jerusalem, where he is hailed by a large crowd. The second is the painful narrative of Jesus’s betrayal and crucifixion.In this final week, we are invited to sit in the tension between the Kingdom of God […]

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Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem, Israel

The Fifth Week of Lent

The theme for this Sunday’s readings reflect the whole theme for Lent:“I will be their God and they shall be my people,” as Jeremiah reminds us in Chapter 31.You may remember a couple of weeks ago, we thought about ‘spring cleaning’ our hearts and finding ways of encouraging each other.Well, this Sunday and for the […]

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St Patrick, Principal Patron of Ireland, 17 March

“During this week, may I remind you to most certainly remember to celebrate this special day?There won’t be the usual gigantic processions parading through our cities but do please find a way to rejoice.As for me, I’m cooking ham and cabbage whilst conforming to the ‘wearing of the green’, bedecked with a sprig of shamrock, […]

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Mothering Sunday

Mothering Sunday is also remembered on the fourth Sunday of Lent.                    Traditionally, it was a day when children, mainly daughters, who had gone to work as domestic servants were given a day off to visit their mother and family. Today it is a day when children, […]

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Fourth Week of Lent beginning with Laetare Sunday

Laetare means ‘rejoice’. You might say, ‘What, during Lent’?This Feast Day was inaugurated around the eighth century to give us a ‘lift,’ a word of encouragement to help us continue during this time of renewal, of spring cleaning our lives to make us more loving and more loveable, before Easter Day.Every year the usual purple […]

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International Women’s Day 2021

Today March 8 honours the achievements of women and promoting women’s rights. A national holiday in numerous countries, it has been sponsored by the United Nations (UN) since 1975. International Women’s Day (IWD) grew out of efforts in the early 20th century to promote women’s rights, especially suffrage. Usually, the day is marked around the world […]

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Third Week of Lent

… And now we are into the third Week of Lent after celebrating the third Sunday, March 7.Yesterday’s church service Gospel reading portrays Jesus in a rage, fit to be tied is the expression I would use!This emotion is not wrong in itself as there are things in life that we should get angry about.What […]

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