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Call for volunteers to help Mildmay Hospital

Mildmay Hospital needs volunteers during this time of National Emergency We are now admitting patients with acute HIV-related conditions, as well as both HIV and homeless COVID-19 patients that are recovering and no longer infectious, so we are urgently looking for volunteers to support our staff and patients during this critical time.

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A ‘continuous tsunami’ of ill patients

Every hospital bed in the UK needs to be utilised during this unprecedented national emergency and Mildmay Hospital is doing everything it can to ease the burden on overstressed NHS hospitals. Mildmay is rapidly gearing up to take on early step-down care for patients with acute HIV-related conditions. In addition, it will care for both […]

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As of today, Mildmay Hospital is in the excellent hands of our fantastic clinical team and their support staff

We have passed 60,000 signatures on our petition to #SaveMildmay, which is amazing! Thank you so much to the people who have added their name. We are campaigning to ensure London’s only specialist HIV hospital remains open during the COVID-19 crisis, playing its part, but also afterwards so it can continue to care for vulnerable […]

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Princess Alexandra 1965

A message from the Chair of Mildmay UK’s Board of Trustees

“As Chairman of the Mildmay Board since 2007, we are grateful for the public’s response to #SaveMildmay. In our mind, where the need for this excellent hospital is obviously clear, what do we have to do to move the Minister of State for Health with his colleagues and the funding Commissioners to release the money […]

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The potential lifeline for Mildmay during the COVID-19 crisis has stalled

In an extremely worrying development, it seems that we are back at Square One, because the funding for the transfer of these patients to Mildmay – yet again – is not being authorised.

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A potential lifeline for London’s only HIV/AIDS Hospital during COVID-19 epidemic

Mildmay Hospital has been given a potential lifeline today. We are, at last, being contacted by NHS Commissioners (CCGs) asking if we can take patients – which of course we can because we have an entirely empty ward, in addition to other capacities. We are aware of potential referrals from right across London as NHS clinicians need […]

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COVID-19 update

Our MP Rushanara Ali continues to fight in our corner, as her recent Tweet shows, “@MattHancock can you just sort this! It’s been weeks since I asked for the government to stop the closure of this hospital. Retaining capacity is more important than ever as death toll increases by the day and hospitals struggle to cope with Coronovirus emergency.” […]

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During the Covid-19 epidemic, Mildmay stands ready to help ease the burden on NHS hospitals

PETITION UPDATE: 17 March 2020: COVID-19 Every hospital bed in the UK needs to be utilised during this unprecedented national crisis. It doesn’t make sense to lose 26 specialist hospital beds and all our expertise in infectious diseases at a time when there is such unrelenting pressure on the NHS.

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We plan to deliver our #SaveMildmay petition to Downing Street on Monday 23 March

UPDATE: Monday 23 March 2020: Due to the COVID-19 emergency measures, we will not be delivering our petition to Downing Street today.The petition will keep running until the funding for the hospital is secure.   Quite a lengthy post today but there is a lot to update you on, and you can read some useful […]

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BBC London visit Mildmay to highlight the #SaveMildmay Campaign

A reporter and cameraman from BBC London visited the hospital recently and made a film about why we are under threat of closure. This was to be followed up by a feature on the One Show.

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