Our Values and Our Faith

Our Values

Mildmay’s inspiration and values come from our Christian faith. These values, enriched and shared by many people, including those of other faiths and of no religious faith, underpin all our work. We work in a multi-cultural society and are proud of our roots.

Mildmay values the contribution of everyone who works or volunteers for Mildmay, of people who use our service and their families, of other organisations and funders who work closely with us, and of the community, churches and individual supporters who sustain our work.

We are dedicated to upholding:

  • Good stewardship of resources
  • Innovation, quality and learning
  • Commitment to open communication and respect of individual dignity
  • Development and encouragement of people to their full potential.

Mildmay places the individual at the very heart of all its planning, services and actions.

Planting the Mildmay Rose

Our Faith

Our inspiration and values derive from our Christian faith. Our mission is to reach out to those in greatest need, providing love, care and compassion to the sick and vulnerable.

Mildmay was set up as a Christian medical mission in response to the cholera epidemic in 1860s London. 

Mildmay’s faith and strong sense of mission to educate, share knowledge and care for those in greatest need continues to underpin our work.

Our Chaplains

Our multi-faith approach aims to support all aspects of people’s spiritual need.

Like most hospital settings, we offer chaplaincy services and our chaplains are from a number of faith backgrounds including Catholic, Anglican, Methodist and Muslim.

Mildmay chaplains are part of our interdisciplinary team, ensuring spiritual, pastoral and religious care is available to all those who want it.

Our approach is distinctly inclusive and respects all. We successfully work with people of other faiths or no faith. All our services are patient-centred and take into consideration their cultural, social and religious backgrounds.

Those we have cared for over the years have described how this faith has lent an extra dimension to our care, and it remains central to who we are as a charity.

Registered Charity no: 292058

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