Mildmay has been a charity for over one hundred and fifty years, specialising in HIV for over thirty, delivering quality care and treatment, prevention work, rehabilitation, training, education and health strengthening in the UK and East Africa.

Mildmay is at the forefront of specialist HIV service delivery and care, continuing to adapt and respond to meet new, often complex, and rapidly changing needs.

In 2020, Mildmay began a ground-breaking new service providing step-down, rehabilitative healthcare for people who are homeless or rough-sleeping and recuperating from illness or injury.

We also became the primary COVID-Care Centre for this cohort and for step-down HIV patients.

Mildmay Hospital is now admitting homeless step-down patients to ease the burden on NHS hospitals

NHS hospitals across the capital  are able to treat the illnesses and injuries of patients who are homeless, but do not have the resources to give them time to recuperate before safely discharging them back into the community.

With homelessness in London and other major cities across the UK increasing, there is urgent need for highly focused, specialist care of the sort Mildmay provides.

Mildmay UK

Our Overseas Work

Our UK hospital in east London, is Europe’s only centre dedicated to the rehabilitation for people living with HIV-associated neuro-cognitive disorders.

This can  occur when HIV enters and affects the brain. The holistic model of treatment, rehabilitation and care provided by Mildmay sees 80% of our clients return to independent living on discharge from Mildmay. As our understanding of HIV has evolved, and medication and survival rates have improved, Mildmay continues to adapt and respond to meet new, often complex and rapidly changing needs.

Did you know? Her Majesty The Queen visited Mildmay Uganda in 2007

In East Africa, Mildmay works with over 100,000 of the most vulnerable and hard to reach people living with and affected by HIV and other related health issues. This includes children and their families, vulnerable children and orphans and other vulnerable groups.

Mildmay trains many ordinary people to provide basic healthcare and social support for people living with HIV in their communities. This enables those in the remotest regions to receive the care they need.  Our programme of education includes the training of community healthcare workers, senior government officials, prison wardens and drug rehabilitation teams.

Registered Charity no: 292058

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