About Us

Our UK hospital in east London

Mildmay has been at the forefront of HIV care and service provision since 1988.

Registered Charity no: 292058

Mildmay is an HIV charity delivering quality care and treatment, prevention work, rehabilitation, training and education, and health  strengthening in the UK and East Africa.

UK: Our UK hospital in east London, is Europe’s only centre dedicated to the rehabilitation for people living with HIV related brain impairment. This can  occur when HIV enters and affects the brain. The holistic model of treatment, rehabilitation and care provided by Mildmay sees 80% of our clients return to independent living on discharge from Mildmay. As our understanding of HIV has evolved, and medication and survival rates have improved, Mildmay continues to adapt and respond to meet new, often complex and rapidly changing need.


Her Majesty The Queen visits Mildmay Uganda

AFRICA:Mildmay works with over 100,000 of the most vulnerable and hard to reach people living with and affected by HIV and other related health issues. This includes children and their families, vulnerable children and orphans and other vulnerable groups.

Mildmay trains many ordinary people to provide basic healthcare and social support for people living with HIV in their communities. This enables those in the remotest regions to receive the care they need.  Our program of education includes the training of community healthcare workers, senior government officials, prison wardens and drug rehabilitation teams.

Our values and our faith

Mildmay’s inspiration and values derive from our faith and our Christian foundations dating back to 1866 and the work of our founder The Rev William Pennefather and his wife Catherine, to tackle the cholera epidemic in London’s East End . These values, enriched and shared by many people, including those of other faiths and of no religious faith, underpin all our work. We work in a multi-cultural society and are proud of our roots which enable us to support all individuals regardless of their faith.

Mildmay values the contribution of everyone who works or volunteers for Mildmay, of people who use our service and their families, of other organizations and funders who work closely with us, and of the community, trusts, churches and individual supporters who sustain our work. We feel very privileged to have a diverse supporter base who all share the same goal: to transform the lives of those living with HIV.

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