A letter from one of ‘the Irish nurses who helped build the NHS’

Today we received in the Charity Office at Mildmay a lovely letter with a donation enclosed. Like Margaret Kerin, who we featured previously here, this correspondent came over from Ireland to train as a nurse at Mildmay.

Her letter reads "I recently took part in an Irish radio programme that shone a light on why so many Irish girls left Ireland and went to train as nurses in England (between 1950 - 1980).

I shared my experiences of training at the Mildmay Mission Hospital and the London Hospital. I have only lovely memories of that time (1977 - 1980) and was delighted to reflect on training days at Mildmay.

The producer of the programme sent me £50 and so I matched and gladly pass it on.

Just a way of saying thank you to Mildmay for the kindness and care they showed me all those years ago.

Blessings always,


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Thank you so much A.K. for your lovely letter and for the much appreciated donation, which we will add to our Hospital Equipment Fund.

For some background on the half a million Irish women who immigrated to England in the twentieth century, see these articles in the independent.ie and the Irish Times.

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