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Global solidarity, shared responsibility

Every year, on 1 December, the world commemorates World AIDS Day. People around the world unite to show support for people living with and affected by HIV and to remember those who lost their lives to AIDS.

In 2020, the world’s attention has been focused by the COVID-19 pandemic on health and how pandemics affect lives and livelihoods. COVID-19 is showing once again how health is interlinked with other critical issues, such as reducing inequality, human rights, gender equality, social protection, and economic growth.

With this in mind, the theme of World AIDS Day this year is “Global solidarity, shared responsibility”.

We need your help to bring our patients some Christmas cheer

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Every year, Mildmay hospital has many patients who are unable to go home for Christmas. This year, not only are we caring for vulnerable patients with HIV, but also people who are homeless or rough sleeping - some of them are also recovering from COVID-19.

Many of our patients have few social connections, and Christmas is a very difficult, lonely and isolating time for them. This year will be much worse because COVID regulations have severely restricted the number of visitors we can allow into the hospital.

Other ways to donate

Homeless Pathway

Mildmay is running a ground-breaking pilot service employing the expertise of our doctors, nurses and therapists to provide rehabilitative healthcare for people who are homeless or rough-sleeping and recuperating from illness or injury.

This important new work is in addition to our ongoing work with HIV.

COVID-Care Pathway

Mildmay is now the capital's primary facility for homeless COVID-19 patients not requiring intensive care.

Mildmay Hospital is an internationally-renowned, specialist hospital based in east London

Our UK hospital

Help save our hospital


Mildmay is London’s only specialist HIV hospital and has been at the forefront of HIV care and service provision since 1988, continuing to adapt and respond to meet new, often complex, and rapidly changing needs.

The #SaveMildmay campaign has received worldwide coverage.

We already have over 60,000 signatures in our petition to Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, asking for Mildmay’s unique services to be commissioned directly by NHS England like other specialist services already are. This would secure its future beyond the current pandemic response.

Patients living with HIV might lose their vital specialist services if the controversial closure of our charitable hospital goes ahead.

We are a charity providing NHS services, not an NHS Trust. When Mildmay runs out of money, it will simply have to close.

Our Overseas Work

Mildmay works with over 100,000 of the most vulnerable and hard-to-reach people living with and affected by HIV and other related health issues. This includes children and their families, orphans and other vulnerable groups

Latest project

Refurbishment of the Health Centre on Mageta Island in Lake Victoria, Kenya.

The aim of the project is to improve healthcare standards and encourage use of the clinic on Mageta Island The health centre is the only one for all 12,000 inhabitants of the island.

Mildmay has signed up to the Tower Hamlets No Place For Hate Campaign, which aims to send clear and consistent messages that hate will not be tolerated in our borough.


The campaign to save Mildmay Hospital from closure

As long as we can survive the current NHS contract funding issues that threaten our mid-to long-term future and are at the heart of the #SaveMildmay campaign, we will continue to care for vulnerable patients with advanced HIV-related neurological conditions and for people who are homeless.

We are still under threat of potential closure once COVID-19 special funding measures come to an end. 

We are playing our part during the COVID-19 emergency

Mildmay Mission Hospital offers early step-down care for patients with acute HIV-related conditions and people who are homeless, as well as both HIV and homeless COVID-19 patients who are recovering and no longer infectious. This helps to release beds in acute hospitals much more quickly.

Since 22 June 2020, Mildmay Hospital has been designated as London's primary facility for homeless COVID-19 patients not in need of intensive care, having taken over from the London COVID CARE Centre.

Despite being at risk of closure and our #SaveMildmay Campaign - our battle to stay open and viable - we are very pleased to be continuing to care for sick and vulnerable people as we have done for over 150 years.

Every hospital bed in the UK remains on standby during this unprecedented national crisis.

Patient stories

Do you or someone you know, have an experience of Mildmay (from any era) that you would like to share? 

Mildmay has been caring for people since the 1860s and in that time thousands of people have passed through our doors. Each one of them had their own unique experience of the hospital and its dedicated staff.

We'd love to add your story to our archive and we would also love to hear from any former staff, so please get in touch using our contact form.

Registered charity number: 292058

Support Us

Your support makes a world of difference to the work we can do and makes a positive impact on so many lives.

Thank you for helping us to transform the lives of so many people living with and affected by HIV and complex related health conditions including HIV associated brain impairment.

Our Work

UK Hospital

Mildmay’s Uk hospital is located in East London. We are the only centre in Europe dedicated to rehabilitation for people with complex HIV related health conditions, including HIV associated brain impairment.

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Overseas Work

Mildmay currently supports over 100,000 people living with and affected by HIV in East Africa. Our work in this region encompasses training and education as well as comprehensive health and HIV care.

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